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Our cooperation with the internationally acclaimed Finnish textile designer Marjatta Metsovaara dates back to the early 1960's. Marjatta Metsovaara graduated from, what is now, the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 1949. There she had studied with other famous Finnish artists and designers such as Timo Sarpaneva, Maija Isola, and Nanny Still. Her first exhibition was at Artek in 1957 and her approach of using bright, gleaming colours and combining them in innovative ways came to define a new era in Finnish textile design.

International recognition soon followed. She won a gold medal in 1960 at the 12th Triennale in Milan. Other awards include the Signe d'Or, Brussels 1968 and the Pro Finlandia, Helsinki 1970. Metsovaara's exhibition in Vienna in 1961 also attracted attention from the United States and she was interviewed by the well-known “House Beautiful” magazine. Metsovaara went on to form important business relationships in the United States, one of which was with Jack Lenor Larsen who started to manufacture Metsovaara textiles under licence in the U.S.

In Finland she designed interior decoration textiles for Metsovaara Oy and N.V. Albert Van Havere as well as for Tampella. She also designed clothing textiles for Finn-Flare and umbrella textiles for Green & Green. During the years to come, Marjatta Metsovaara's textiles were used to brighten up countless homes, commercial and public buildings in Finland and abroad. As of 2006, the designs we use have been checked in cooperation with Marjatta Metsovaara's daughter and colleague, the textile artist Katariina Metsovaara.

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